Every family needs a place to call home

We safeguard West San Jose families on the brink of homelessness and create a bridge to stability. We connect families with the resources and services they need to become self-sufficient in housing, finances, and social support.

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Support for homeless and at-risk families

Midtown Family Services provides a comprehensive range of support services designed specifically for those facing housing insecurity due to a short or long term crisis.

Step 1

Apply for services

Apply for services using our online form. Once recieved and reviewed, a member of our staff will send you a link to schedule an appointment to come in.

Step 2

Needs assessment

During your first appointment, our housing specialist, employment coach, attorney, paralegal, case manager, and other staff will use basic tools including credit reports, budgeting worksheets, and self-sufficiency matrices, among others, to determine what services will be most beneficial to you.

Step 3

Case management

Our staff will guide you through how to regain financial stability and connect you with resources that can help.

Step 4

Financial assistance

If immediate financial assistance is something you need, and you appear to meet the funding criteria of one of the funding agencies we work with, we will help you put together, then submit, an application for assistance.


Individuals and families assisted annually

We meet the needs of over 1,800 local families over each year.


More families housed

Our goal is to house 30% more families over the next 2 years by 2024


Of assisted families stay housed

The vast majority of our re-entry clients maintain housed status after working with us.

Midtown is a blessing, especially to young mothers like me

"There are more homeless moms out there that have struggled for so long," Janette says, "Sometimes we feel like finding good people is impossible but Midtown is just that, good people; they are a blessing to people in need like me and my baby."

— Janette


1 in 3 U.S. adults struggle to pay expenses

Due to the high cost of living, many working families lack the savings required to meet the emergency expenses that we all endure at some point. For many families even a modest car repair, missed day of work, or employment gap can be financially devastating causing them to lose their home.

Families who are able to consistently pay rent encounter trouble affording a security deposit, first and last month’s rent, and moving expenses, which can total over $10,000 out of pocket. This is how families who can afford their monthly rent still end up homeless. If you are in this situation or worried this may become your situation contact us immediately.

Medical expenses

Surprise medical expenses can empty even the fullest of savings accounts, and for those without savings the debt can be devastating.

Missed work

Missing even a day of work can make rent unaffordable, we can help you make up the difference.

Surprise expenses

A single unplanned home expense, car repair, or other unexpected expenses can cause families to lose their home.

Loss of employment

Lost employment is often the first step in the cycle of homelessness and long-term unemployment.


How we support families in Silicon Valley

Essential documents

Birth certificates, state identification cards, Social Security Cards, and similar documents are essential for obtaining employment, renting apartments, securing benefits, and many other purposes. If you lack what you need, we can assist you to get what you need often at no or greatly reduced cost.

Glasses, hearing aids, and mobility devices

Everyone deserves to see and hear, resulting in efficient learning and communication.

Transit cards

We can arrange a transportation program that supports finding the best and most affordable way for you.

Budgeting, credit counseling, and assistance with debts

The strain of dealing with debt can be emotionally burdensome. We assist individuals and families to create budgets, counsel them on how to use credit wisely, and assist them to develop plans to pay off existing debts.

Budgeting assistance

We can help you learn how to manage money effectively, build healthy spending habits, and take control of your financial future.

Employment coaching

We help you look your best you feel your best by covering up-front costs for required interview attire, and on the job personal protective equipment.

Mental health support

You may be reluctant to admit you need support. Don't let the fear of being labeled with a mental illness prevent you from seeking help.

Reconnect with family and community

Build a network of support by reconnecting with your family, friends, and community.Apply for Services

Get involved in your community


Invest in your community with the confidence that your contribution will provide support for individuals and families with the greatest need.

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Use your energy and skills to provide support for local families and make your community healthier and happier.