We take a data-driven approach to addressing homelessness

We deliver life-changing services to our clients, which is why we tirelessly measure, monitor, and improve the effectiveness of our programs.

About Midtown
Data driven non profit

Our self sufficiency matrix helps evaluate our client's overall stability

Midtown's self-sufficiency matrix allows us to break down the complex and interdependent factors that impact an individuals health, wealth, and happiness into measurable statistics that we use to make decisions and evaluate success.

• Self-sufficiency is broken down into 18 unique but interdependent domains
• Each domain is objectively graded on a scale of 1-5
• Specific, measurable, and timely actions are identified for every domain in which clients are not yet self-sufficient that, if completed, will enable clients to achieve self-sufficiency
• Self-sufficiency is remeasured every 3 months to evaluate the individual clients' progress


Why use a self-sufficiency matrix?

Self-sufficiency matrices are used to measure the impact and outcomes of social programs all over the United States. Studies have shown that organizations who use a self-sufficiency matrix see a statistically significant increase in positive outcomes.


We use data to navigate our clients to success, analyze our services effectiveness, and guide our programming


Identify client resources and needs

Our case workers use the matrix at intake to identify overall well-being and determine which domains are most critical to the client's success.


Measure client progress over time

Our case workers administer the matrix quarterly until the program is complete, allowing us to understand how our clients improve over time.


Assess the effectiveness of our services

We review the matrices to determine what services are working well, what can be optimized, and re-evaluate an approach if it's not effective.


Improve how we direct our resources

The matrices allow us to understand how our programs perform and impact how we invest our resources into programs and services.


Our mission is to empower our clients

We evaluate our client's self sufficiency during the on-boarding process and then administer the matrix quarterly until the program is complete. We use these evaluations to guide the client's programming and move them toward Level 5 Empowerment across all 18 metrics.

In Crisis

Immediate need with major detrimental impact on client's health, nutrition, and self sufficiency.


Strong potential to transition into crisis situation and lose self sufficiency. Requires assistance.


Stable situation that meets basic needs but presented with limited options. Requires occasional assistance.

Building Capacity

Satisfactory situation with no immediate requirements for assistance, but with some room for improvement.


Fully self-sufficient. In a sustainable situation with attainable options and reasonable backup plans.


We navigate our clients to financial, social, and housing stability

We implement our services with the goal of Empowering our clients across all 18 domains, including:


The success of our clients is predicated on safe, stable housing. We provide direct financial assistance and help them navigate housing programs.


We connect our clients with quality employment and navigate them through tools they can use to become upwardly mobile.

Income & finances

We help people become debt free and teach them how to effectively manage their money to foster stability and resilience.

Parenting skills

We help our clients develop their parenting skills and give them the knowledge and confidence to make parenting choices that build healthy families.

Education & job training

We provide aid depending and resources to make sure our clients are literate and have completed the education and training required to be employable.

Health & well-being

We help our clients get adequate, affordable insurance, help them address disability, and connect them with mental health support.

Life Skills

We help our clients learn the skills required to go beyond their basic needs of daily living for themselves and their families.

Family & community

We help our clients build a resilient network of community support by reconnecting with family, friends, and their neighborhood.

Transportation & mobility

We provide assistance with education and fees associated with obtaining or replacing a driver license or transit card.

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